Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekend at Bear Lake

Greg's parents have a cabin at Bear Lake and let me tell you, it is SO GREAT being so close to a little weekend getaway spot. Last weekend, Momma and Papa Ostler were going up for the weekend, so Greg and I decided to join them. On Sunday we were getting ready to throw some BBQ chicken on the BBQ and this is what we found in the BBQer...a nest. We didn't find any eggs or birds, just a big nest. It was pretty funny!

The view as we were leaving Bear Lake was so beautiful. On the way there, it was actually snowing..yes..May 1st it was snowing. So, we couldn't even see the lake. But, all day Sunday I just kept looking out the window and I was so impressed by how beautiful it is in that valley! Brent told us that it is called the Carribean of the mountains because of its beautiful blue water. It really was breath-taking. So here are a couple of views of the Lake as we were pulling up into the canyon. Hope you enjoy as much as we did! ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So this is probably the most hair that Jessica has ever cut off of my head and she was VERY pleased to do so. One night, when Greg and I were engaged, I fell asleep during a movie(imagine that). When I woke up, Greg told me that he saw a piece of hair that was just at my jawline and he suggested that I cut my hair off. I told him NO WAY until after we got married. So, close to 7 weeks after we were married, we headed over to Tremonton and Jessica got her cutting shears out to chop my hair off.
I was nervous. I knew I would like it, cause I just don't care that much, but I was nervous Greg wouldn't like it. But, he absolutely loves it! He keeps looking at me and tells me how much he likes :). I am very happy to have a change...a change that Greg absolutely loves!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a wonderful life.............

So obviously I am really good at keeping up on the Blog. But, I saw a friend's today and I really wanted to add a post or two. But, I still suck at it, so please forgive me!
As you all know, Greg and I got married on 3/13/10. It was the best day of our lives and each day since then has been a new adventure...and we LOVE IT! There is always something to do, always something to talk about, always a new thing to accomplish! We are finishing up our Marriage Prep course and we have loved it. One thing our teacher talked about was how when he has a bad day, he just looks forward to going home and being with his best friend. I couldn't say it better! Greg truly is my best friend and I look forward to being with him every night after school and work.
I remember a few years ago, my friend Becca and I were up late laying in bed, just giggling. We talked about how excited we were to be able to have pillow talk with our husbands someday. In the last week, Greg and I have had some late nights, just laying in bed and talking...oftentimes about our dreams of the future and how we are going to get there, and other times how scary our alley way is..whatever we talk about, I just love talking about it with him.
So, in a nut shell, I just want you all to know how grateful I am for my wonderful husband and bestest friend! Adventures will come and go and they will be wonderful because I will be with Greg all along the way! :) I love my life! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, if any of you know me, I am not really domesticated, although I AM trying to be! :) Greg is taking a creative arts class and he decided he wanted to make a quilt for one of his assignments. We went to Hobby Lobby(best craft store ever!) and picked everything out so we could put it together. I was planning on going to a Zoomba class with my friend Stef that night, but decided I would rather spend time with Greg. We went over to Shandi and Eric's house and they so graciously let us use their sewing machine to put it together. It turned out really cute...I will have to post a picture of it later...can't believe I didn't have a picture of it yet! :)

The next day, Greg and I had a few hours between class and work and we had received some skookie skillets for one of our showers with ingredients to make pizzas. We decided we should put them to the test. BOOOOOYYY were they tastey! We both felt like the skookie pizzas were a complete success! :) Thank you Shari Oyler and bunch!

That night before Greg went to work, neither of us had eaten dinner so at 9:50 PM we put to use our brand new belgian waffle maker and used Inn on the Creek whole grain waffle mix....mmm mmm mmm....DELISH! So, even though it was a mix, once again we felt like it was a success, so we can't complain! :)

So, there is my domestication for my lifetime! Haha...just kidding! I decided since I am getting married, I must try harder! :) Until I have another something to blog about, arevoir!...(PS I don't know how to spell that! ;)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So we were getting ready to go to the Superbowl and Greg's stupid computer went crazy with viruses. So here we are at Shandi and Eric's with no Superbowl, fixing his computer so he can do homework tonight while he's at work. But I thought I would add a couple photos from our engagements since I only put one up last time. :) Enjoy.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our first blog post..

So, recently, Greg and I have seen a lot of blogs and he keeps saying that we should start one. Although I have ZERO time for it, I thought it would be fun! Greg is working as a fill in at Logan River Academy and has to work tonight from 10:30 to 7 AM, so he is in sleeping and I am wondering what to do. So, here I am...don't judge me...this is my first post! ;)

Greg and I are getting married on March 13th and are SO EXCITED. He and I met in the on my way to Thailand and he was on his way to Korea. We became fast friends and wrote for the first part of our missions, but as those who have been on missions know, life gets CRAZY busy as a missionary and we lost contact. We DID have a mutual friend whom we both wrote our whole mission and when he got home, he asked her about me and what I was up to and once we were back in contact again, the rest is history. From the first time that he came up to escape his "Salt Lake" life, we haven't gone a weekend or day not talking since.

We are both going to school at USU full time and working as well, PLUS planning the wedding so we are rather busy, but loving life and counting down the days til we are married in the Bountiful LDS temple! :) I will post some of our engagements so you can see us, but I will try and keep you updated as much as possible of the ongoings of the next 41 days! :)